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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Man Sues Casino over $1.6 Million 'Jackpot' Man Sues Casino over $1.6 Million 'Jackpot'

ABC News: Man Sues Casino over $1.6 Million 'Jackpot' is an interesting situation. A man appears to win a jackpot at an Indian reservation slot machine. But then, the casino refuses to pay, claiming that it was a slot machine malfunction. If this were Nevada or Atlantic City gaming, he could probably sue the casino, but this is an Indian reservation with its own court system.

But the article misses the ball here. The slot machine was made by, and likely owned by, International Gaming Technologies (IGT), which is by far the biggest slot machine company in at least the U.S. A couple of years ago, it was estimated that the company was making several times the winnings here a month on its Wheel of Fortune game, so it has the money.

So, the logical answer to the guy's problem would be to sue IGT in U.S. District Ct. in N.M., and essentially ignore the casino, on the theory that IGT is the real party at interest, and under tort theories of negligence, fraud, etc., since: 1) they likely own the slot machine, and 2) it was apparently their software that screwed up.

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