Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Saturday bomb scare closes 395 in Minden Saturday bomb scare closes 395 in Minden

Saturday bomb scare closes 395 in Minden: Highway 395 at the north end of Minden was closed for two hours Saturday while bomb squad officials checked out a suspicious vehicle parked at Stewart Title after the driver was arrested on traffic charges.

Here is a picture of the car:

And a picture of the wacko driving it:

What is the relevance of this?

I took a job about nine months ago in Minden as a patent attorney with Sierra Patent Group, which was merged into Lewis and Roca LLP in April. And our offices are upstairs from Stewart Title.

I worked Saturday, but didn't see the commotion in the parking lot. It may have happened before I got in, or while I was upstairs. If the later, if I had known, I would have had a ringside seat for all the excitement.

Update: It turns out that I was at work at the time, but the general consensus was that if I had looked out the office window, I probably would have been cleared out of the building, since it was adjacent to what was believed at the time to be a potential bomb.

Here is one of his business cards, picked up today from the parking lot:

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