Sunday, March 09, 2008

Professor Lessig Is In Professor Lessig Is In

Mark Hemingway (National Review Online): Professor Lessig Is In: Not running for Congress, but having an impact. Lessig views himself as a liberal Democrat, but is now concerned with the inherent corruption of money in politics, and the quid pro quod we now see between political contributions and legislation, etc.

What is hard to fathom from someone who seems to understand that the bigger the government, the more corrupt it is, how he can be a liberal Democrat, where the governing tenet seems to be that more government is better, and that government can be called upon to solve all of society's ills. And, if government failures are pointed out, the answer is invariably that those in government are corrupt, and that if smarter people were running things, government would work just fine.

If Lessig continues along this route, he is likely to end up in the group most hated by the left, a neo-conservative, sometimes defined as a progressive mugged by reality.


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