Saturday, September 06, 2008

Obama and Palin riding their bikes Obama and Palin riding their bikes

An example why Obama is in trouble.


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Blogger Colin said...

Bruce, your comment regarding Palin on Atlhouse blog was very perceptive. You should repost that on your blog. Its worth saying again. "One thing that I do think is amazing is how well this woman, whom everyone left of center and anyone still listening or reading the MSM has portrayed as an ignorant rural hick, is consistently able to hit the political nail on the head with her statements. She did it with her "death panels", and, guess what? Rationing that can be, and likely will be, used for just that, is implicitly in the health care "reform" that recently was passed into law, if it is not, in fact, repealed.

I cannot think of another politician, on either side, who is as good at this as she is. I think that anyone who dismisses her is missing, intentionally or not, the rise of one of the most formidable politicians we have seen."

1:00 AM  
Blogger Colin said...

My follow-up on your comment. 12 months ago I wouldn't have considered Palin a serious candidate. Now, I do. I'd vote for her.

1:02 AM  
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