Thursday, July 05, 2007

Bless the Beasts and Children Bless the Beasts and Children

I wasn't sure of the title of this: Michael Yon: Bless the Beasts and Children until I reached the comments. Yon did Pulitzer level work here, documenting an al Qaeda atrocity where they butchered the donkeys and the people of a village they were abandoning as Iraqi and American forces advanced. The dead animals were left on the road, but the people buried, in parts, in a common grave. Kids were beheaded, but it wasn't clear whether their parents had seen the kids killed first, or the kids had to watch their parents being killed, before they themselves were butchered.

In Yon's follow-up article: Update on “Bless the Beasts and Children”, the latest body count is somewhere between ten and fourteen.

The unanswered question in all the comments is why this atrocity hasn't seen the light of day in the various mainstream media news outlets.


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