Wednesday, June 27, 2007

RIAA's Turn to Be a Defendant RIAA's Turn to Be a Defendant

In RIAA's Turn to Be a Defendant, the tables seem to be turning against the recording companies. Unfortunately, the current Administration doesn't seem willing to pursue antitrust allegations against anyone, and, in this case, against the coordinated efforts by the recording companies to shut down on piracy.

But it appears that some people victimized by RIAA are starting to strike back. Notably,
Former RIAA defendant Tanya Andersen is now suing the major record labels and the RIAA for negligent and illegal investigation and prosecution. In a thirteen count civil suit filed in Oregon District Court, she alleges that record labels didn’t use properly licensed investigators and violated her privacy.
As an IP attorney, I have some sympathy for the recording interests. But I seriously fault their tactics, and thus lose much of the sympathy I would give most others in their position.


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