Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The real Club Gitmo The real Club Gitmo

Col. Morris Davis, the chief prosecutor at Gitmo, in NYT: The Guantanamo I Know tells the reality of what is going on there. While ABC News is still using footage of Camp X-Ray from five years ago to illustrate Gitmo, X-Ray was replaced by ultra-modern facilities five years ago, and the real Camp X-Ray is now covered by weeds. The reality is that the detainees are treated significantly better than prisoners at our federal prisons. Plus, they get three (large) culturally appropriate meals a day, a chance to pray five times a day (apparently with arrows pointing towards Meccca, JIC), a Koran, etc.

Col. Davis also points out the reality of the legal system that is in place there. The detainees are getting more due process, etc. than is required by their status under the Geneva Convention, with the biggest difference between their rights and those in the U.S. are somewhat relaxed rules of evidence, to take into account the reality that most of the detainees being caught on the battle field.


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