Saturday, June 23, 2007

Drudge and Firefox Drudge and Firefox

I used to follow the Drudge Report fairly religiously. After all, we can thank him for breaking the Monica Lewinsky scandal, and many other stories since then. Yes, he gets some things wrong, but also a lot of things right, esp. in cases where the MSM seems willing to ignore news that is politically inconvenient to its liberal biases.

I have a list of sites that I typically have loaded in tabs in my browser. A couple of years ago, I removed the Drudge Report because it automatically reloaded at fairly short intervals and spawned a lot of pop-up windows.

Recently though, Firefox has gotten good enough at suppressing reloading and pop-ups that I thought to give it another try. And it seems to be working just fine. Now, if Matt would just implement RSS feeds, I would be even happier, since I tend to have to read the whole report to see if anything has changed.


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