Thursday, June 28, 2007

Democrats Denounce Desegregation Ruling Democrats Denounce Desegregation Ruling

Notice the framing here in the title of this article: My Way News (AP): Democrats Denounce Desegregation Ruling. The Supreme Court explicitly stated that the case did not involve desegregation, but rather racial balancing. Yet, the AP uses the word "Desegregation" in the title. And then, in the lead-in paragraph:
An historically diverse field of Democratic presidential candidates - a woman, a black, an Hispanic and five whites - denounced an hours-old Supreme Court desegregation ruling Thursday night and said the nation's slow march to racial unity is far from over. "We have made enormous progress, but the progress we have made is not good enough," said Sen. Barack Obama, the son of a man from Kenya and a woman from Kansas.
Of course, the last line there, pointing out that Obama isn't a real Black, and never suffered racial discrimination due to slavery was interesting.

What the Supreme Court did say was that the case was not about desegregation, despite the posturing here by the Democratic presidential candidates to the contrary. The Seattle school district had never had a history of government mandated segregation and the Louisville court ordered desegregation had been ruled complete several years before. Rather, this was a case of attempted racial balancing through explicitly making race the deciding factor in deciding which kids got to go to which schools.

What is really scary is that a number of these candidates are lawyers, and indeed, two of them, Clinton and Obama, graduated from the top two law schools in the country. Either they can't understand fairly straight forward case law, or they are intentionally misleading the American public. Neither speaks very highly of them.

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