Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Libby, Fitzgerald, and the WSJ Libby, Fitzgerald, and the WSJ

The WSJ had an editorial today titled: "Fitzgerald, Scooter and Us: The special prosecutor wants to use our editorial as evidence. Sorry". They point out that Fitzgerald's intent to use a previous WSJ article from June 17, 2003, titled "Yellowcake Remix: What the National Intelligence Estimate said about Iraq's hunt for uranium" is an admission that Libby's goal was not to "out" Valarie Plame's "covert" status, but, rather, to respond politically to false statements made by her husband, Joe Wilson - which was Fitzgerald's original mandate.

Fitzgerald's problem here, with this tacit admission, is that his entire case revolves around when Libby told reporters about Plame working for the CIA. Libby says he didn't really remember, and Fitz will apparently try to prove that he most likely did. Remember, this is a prosecution essentially for lying about just that - and honest memory lapses don't rise to the level of perjury. But if Libby was concentrating on rebutting Wilson's falsehoods, and not Plame's "covert" status, then it is more likely that he did forget when he first realized the later, and that the two were married.


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