Saturday, August 13, 2005

Blogging (#3) Blogging (#3)

In my previous posts under this topic, I have bemoaned that there appear to be people who disapprove of my blogging, not just what I might be saying about them or someone they know, but also that I spend some of my time doing it in the first place.

I actually heard the later last night, and again this evening. The person who mentioned this tonight was in the middle of a movie when I talked to such. So, we have people who spend their free time watching TV criticizing someone who (intentionally) doesn't own a TV spending his spare time interacting on the Internet.

Frankly, I find this rediculous. Most of what is on TV is really of questionable merit. Sure, there is PBS, and, yes, I know someone who watches that a lot (my father). But even there, the obvious liberal tilt of many of the programs any more most often gives a significantly slanted view of the world. (IMHO, NPR is worse - though I listen to it a lot on the road when driving as it is more accessible in remote areas than anything except for Country Western).

What I don't think that those who don't participate on-line realize is that in many cases there is a lot more interaction there than you get when stuck in front of a TV. Besides, it is a lot more intellectually stimulating. You often have to read quite a bit to participate intelligently, and esp. if you want to counter arguments on the other side.

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