Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Computers (#6) Computers (#6)

A couple of weeks ago, I had a bunch of entries on my computer systems. As noted, I have essentially four active systems (##D-G). My new desktop system (#F) doesn't reboot properly, and indeed, got so that it didn't even finish initializing.

So, a week ago, I talked to the company that made the computer. We agreed that it was probably a bad motherboard. So, they shipped one to me. Last night, I moved everything to the new motherboard, including the processor. Reboots, somewhat, but still didn't finish initializing. Pulled all the internal cables from the motherboard and added them back in one by one. Turns out, the problem is with the 160 gb hard drive. I was able to boot with the hard drive from my old desktop system (#D).

But then, that computer wouldn't even start booting when I hooked up the new drive to it. I started getting a bit worried. But the old desktop (#D) would start with the power cable from the new desktop (#F). The new drive though wouldn't boot there either, so I have a disk drive problem as well as a reset problem.

Put the old desktop back together and found a spare cable to replace the one that I had been using. Went to plug it in, and discovered that the old cable had come mostly unplugged. Fixing that, the old desktop (#D) is now operational again (and, indeed, I am using it right now to compose this entry).

So, I have to figure out how to get a replacement 160 gb hard drive. I can replace it for under $100, but that seems a bit much, given that I have only run it a week or so now. I probably also need to replace either the motherboard (again) or the processor.

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