Monday, August 01, 2005

Cell Phone - found Cell Phone - found

Not five minutes after posting the previous post on cell phones, I found it. It was in the bathroom on the floor. Must have fallen out of my pocket or some such thing last night.

In any case, it turns out that my problem was that I turned the phone to "stun" instead of a normal ring. I did this Friday night when I was being driven crazy by repeated calls from a friend. He called some doze times that day, with his number blocked and unblocked, and to the condo in Dillon. I was talking to someone Fri. night in Dillon, and didn't want to be bothered any more that night. And then, I just never got the ringer turned back on.

So, when I tried calling my cell phone, it did ring - except that the ring was set to vibrate. Missed seven calls, including three from my girlfriend, two from that friend I was avoiding, and one a patent firm that I do business with.

So, my ringer is turned back on (loud) and the phone is on the charger. Should be back to normal by the time I get up tomorrow.

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