Saturday, August 13, 2005

Bogging (#2) Bogging (#2)

It appears that there are plurality (nice patent term meaning more than one) of people reading a lot of what I write on the Internet, including my own blogs, to see what I might be saying about them and others. It almost looks like they spend more time checking up on me than I actually spend writing it.

So, tonight, under pressure, I removed some entries, and tweaked some more to further obscure connections with real people. And, obviously, in the future, will have to be a bit more careful, though most of it was pretty sanitized already.

Mostly, what I talk about is politics, geopolitics, computers, and law. But I have strayed into the personal, and that seems to bother some people - though it appears that the fact that I write at all bothers them too.

I am thinking of starting to use a pseudonym or two. Those who read what I say will be able to connect it up, but it won't pop up on Google, as it appears I do right now. On the other hand, some of the plurality of those spending so much time reading what I write to check up on me wouldn't have as much fun then. We shall see...

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