Thursday, August 11, 2005

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Earlier this week, I went to the web site for my daughter's school to get the calender for the upcoming school year. I encountered a couple of problems. First, it had a nasty flash movie that overlaid and obscured the operation of their drop down menus with my (Mozilla) browser. And secondly, a bunch of the day/dates did not match. Oh, and the link to the contacts page was broken.

So, I sent off an email to point this all out to their web administrator, and got a response today. Apparently, the flash problem was manifesting mostly with Macs, and so they were redirecting to a page w/o the flash for them. They expanded it for all non-IE browsers. Seems to work.

But they couldn't explain the problem with day/date discrepancy. It looked good to them. And, when I looked at the calenders, indeed, they were good. But then I noticed that the days for parents' association meetings had changed. And then it struck me. Earlier this week, they had the schedule for last year's meetings up, plus still had some of last year's entries in the later part of the new calender. They since put up the new calender. So, no wonder there was a problem. Last year's day/date calender would be off by one day if applied to this year (365 mod 7 equals 1). Silly me - I should have seen that the wrong year was being displayed.

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