Monday, August 20, 2007

Vista #10 Vista #10

Typical weird Microsoft Vista problem. Right now, I am using my Vista laptop to post this. The connection is via a cross-over cable to my Windows 2003 Server, and thence out another Ethernet port to the Internet. The two Ethernet adaptors on the server are bridged, and DHCP on the server assigned the Vista machine its IP address.
So, can either system see each other? Of course not. Not only can Windows on each system not see the other system, but I can't ping the other system either. You would think that that indicated a lack of connectivity. Of course not. The Vista machine can ping the modem and the print server through the Server, and, indeed, can access the Internet through the Server. It can't find DNS on the Server, but can find external DNS's.

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Have you seen this?

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