Thursday, July 19, 2007

Eating beef ' is less green than driving' Eating beef ' is less green than driving'

This is bad news for the environmentally sensitive: Eating beef ' is less green than driving'. Apparently, according to Japanese experts, 2.2 lbs of beef is worse for the environment than driving 150 miles. The problem with eating beef is first that cows generate a lot of methane, and second, a lot of energy is expended bring them food. Bad news for feedlots like we have in such plenty in Greeley, but better for range fed beef. Of course, the Japanese don't have the room for range fed, and they coddle their cows even more than we do - so eating beef here may only be as bad as driving 125 miles from an energy point of view.

This will be quite interesting to see how this plays out. Not surprisingly, I first saw this from PETA ("People Eating Tasty Animals" or something like that). Cows do compete for the same corn that is now in demand for ethanol right now. But the bigger question is whether people will have to give up their meat to be seen as environmentally sensitive.

Luckily, I don't have that problem.


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