Thursday, July 12, 2007

Ladies’ Nights, RIP Ladies’ Nights, RIP

This Westword article: Ladies’ Nights, RIP tells of the possible demise in Colorado of Ladies' night at nightclubs based on the fact that they discriminate on the basis of sex in the provision of public accomodations.

On the one hand, I have always felt somewhat discriminated against when I have visited bars on Ladies' nights. But on the other, I have gone there for just that reason - that the cheap or free drinks, cover charges, etc. bring out more women, which has typically been my reason for visiting bars in the first place.

So, in the end, I think that the Colorado Civil Rights Commission did the wrong thing here, regardless of the law.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

What do you really know about this subject, since we all know you are slightly right of center and therefore most likely gay. PLEEEEZ

2:52 PM  

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