Thursday, July 19, 2007

Dillon in the morning in summer Dillon in the morning in summer

Dillon Colorado in the morning. Pictures taken yesterday from the back porch.

It actually looks about the same this morning. Maybe a couple more clouds, but mostly blue sky. The lake is calm. Temperature is balmy 53 degrees, but should get up to 80 or so today.

What I have never been able to figure out is that in the summer, the weather is fairly consistent, mornings like this, clouding over in the mid afternoon, a little rain, and then clear again by dusk. Well, ok, yesterday it started out perfect, as usual, but was raining by 4, and did so until about 7. So, I ended up driving to the grocery store.

I have found that walking to the grocery store is a nice walk in the summer, maybe 20 minutes each way. So, I have taken to doing that in the evening, instead of walking along the dam. So, hopefully, instead, I will skate along it in an hour or two.

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