Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Strategypage on Iraq Strategypage on Iraq

I do think that strategypage.com on Iraq is a good source for what is going on there. It doesn't always get down into the details that Yon, Totten, et al. do, but its weekly posts do a decent job at keeping me up to date at a slightly higher level.

Some of its recent observations were that the Iraqi insurgency has always been a Sunni Arab insurgency. For a long time, it primarily involved Baathists paying for a lot of the attacks, and working with foreign terrorists as an expediency. But the recent surge has targetted them, and they and their money are being seized at an increasing rate.

The other thing is that the Sunni Arabs in Iraq have turned on the terrorists because of the wanton bloodshed, mostly of innocent Iraqis. Strict Wahhabi Sharia law doesn't help either. I was surprised that this turning really started three years ago, and not in the last six months. Rather, we are now just seeing the results of that long term process, with most of the Sunni tribes swapping sides and aiding us in ridding their communities of the terrorists, who in the end terrorized the Sunni Arabs hosting them almost as much as they did the Shi'a .

If I have a complaint with strategypage's coverage of the war in Iraq, it is that it is too rah-rah, and some of our problems in the past were glossed over. But still, it is far better coverage than you normally get with the MSM here in the U.S.


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