Friday, January 26, 2007

New Samsung Phone New Samsung Phone

I dropped my old Motorola phone into the sink a week or so ago, and fished it out immediately. I should have pulled the battery immediately and let it dry out. But instead, I just powered it down. Then, when I fired it back up a couple of hours later, the main screen was white. And it stayed white thereafter, consistently discharging the battery in about 2 hours of standby time. So, not only did my battery discharge very quickly, but many of the functions were no longer useful.

Unfortunately, Qwest, my cell phone provider, no longer sells that Motorola phone, or, indeed, any Motorola phones. So, I was stuck getting something else, and that turned out to be a Samsung A920.

Overall, I liked my Motorola phone better. But the Samsung phone has a couple of nice features. Notable is a removable memory chip that is the default location for storing photos. It is easy to move the chip to a reader so that the pictures can be uploaded to this computer. And that is how I produced the pictures in the previous two blog entries.


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