Friday, January 26, 2007

Skiing - 01/22/07 photos Skiing - 01/22/07 photos

Some Keystone mountain pictures from earlier this week. The first one shows our "SLOW TRAIL OF THE DAY" sign just as you start down Schoolmarm Ridge:

Next is our "THIS RUN MONITORED BY MOUNTAIN WATCH" sign a little below the previous sign:

This is taken right at a "SLOW" sign on a big roll right below the "Denver Cliffs". This is where I do a lot of my speed control (normally I am looking uphill). You can barely see the top of the Peru and A51 lifts lower down the ridge in a clearing.

That is a snowmobile lane to the left. Keystone added these on Schoolmarm trail for the places where snowmobiles have reduced visibility, such as here, coming over a big roll, after a teenage girl racer was killed at Vail hitting a snowmobile going uphill.


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