Monday, January 22, 2007

Why some Democrats worry that Clinton can't win Why some Democrats worry that Clinton can't win Why some Democrats worry that Clinton can't win is a silly article. Some Democrats would apparently not vote for her because of her previous stands in favor of our intervetion into Iraq. But that is precisely why she is electable. The problem that any Democrat is going to have getting elected to the presidency in the forseeable future is a worry that they might not be tough enough in national security matters to protect the country. What is to make anyone believe that Obama, Gore, Edwards, etc. have the strength to hit back if necessary? Clinton and Lieberman do.

If she can't be elected, it isn't because of that, but rather, because of who she is, a fairly corrupt, even by Democratic Party standards, polician, who is willing to use the levers of government for personal gain and to gain political power by abusing whatever power she might have. And, she is married to a sexual preditor whom she refuses to condem.

I also fault her on being a utopian micro manager of the worst sort, believing that the best and brightest, led by her superior intellect, are able to outthink and outplan the capitalist market and human behavior. But that isn't going to dissuade those on the left from backing her, because they too believe this.

I still see her as having the best odds of anyone on the national stage at replacing George W. Bush.


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