Friday, January 26, 2007

They're Back - the Clinton scandals revisted They're Back - the Clinton scandals revisted

This ABC article: Pardon Scandal Still Looms for Sen. Clinton's Brother reminds us of why another Clinton presidency might not be a good thing. Presidential brothers-in-law obtained several last minute pardons for the outgoing 42nd President, making each some money. While these weren't the most egregious last minute pardons, they did stink, given that these were the First Lady's brothers. Now, of course, she is the one running for president, and is probably the front runner right now.

This is rather a sordid story. Hillary's brother Tony apparently obtained pardons from his brother-in-law for Edward Gregory and his wife. He also borrowed $109,000 from a carnival company owned by them. Unfortunately for Tony Rodham, Gregory is dead, the company is in bankruptcy, and the trustee has gone after Rodham for repayment, which has not been forthcoming. The trustee had Rodham's account frozen and obtained a default judgment. But Tony appealed, the judge unfroze the account, and the money appears to have disappeared. Oh, and he made another $240,000 from the company as a consultant, which the trustee did not try to recover.

The last six years, we have repeatedly heard about the Culture of Corruption in the Bush Administration, despite the fact that the only member thereof indicted so far has been Scooter Libby, who is currently on trial for purjury and obstruction of justice in the Plame Game case. This is a reminder of what a real Culture of Corruption really is, and what we can expect again with another Clinton in the White House.

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