Friday, January 26, 2007

Skiing - photos of 10th Special Forces Group Skiing - photos of 10th Special Forces Group

The Army's Tenth Special Forces Group out of Fort Carson, CO, is the only American military unit that trains on skiis any more, and they do it primarily here at Keystone. Here is a group of them lined up just under our "SLOW TRAIL OF THE DAY" sign at the top of Dercum Peak heading down Schoolmarm ridge:
Here, they have started working their way down the mountain:

I ran into them at the end of the day Tuesday, the second day on skiis for most of them, and they were doing great. These are truly our Best and Brightest, and their ability to pick up skiing so quickly is just one more illustration of this.

Over the years, I have talked to some of them, and apparently their unit is dedicated to the part of the world that includes Afganistan. Some have been there twice already.

So, Tuesday when I was riding up a chairlift with a soldier from Hawaii at Keystone for a biomedical conference, and he called the ski training a boondoggle, I said, fine. I just wish that more soldiers and marines could utilize the same boondoogle, training to ski under our bright blue skies while waiting for their next deployment to the Middle East.


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