Friday, December 29, 2006

United States Central Command web site United States Central Command web site

I recently added the United States Central Command (CENTCOM) web site to my blog roll. It has a lot of interesting stuff about what they are doing right now in Iraq, Afganistan, and the rest of the Middle East and northern Africa.

I didn't exactly stumble upon the site though. Rather, they stumbled upon me, or, more precisely, this blog. One of the CENTCOM PR people sent me email asking whether I would add the site to my blogroll, if I wanted to get their newsletter, and if I wanted to electronically interview military personel in Iraq and Afganistan. I agreed to the first two, and may ultimately do the later, time permitting.

Contacting bloggers like that is an interesting way of getting their story out. Yes, politicians do that all the time. But at first glance, you would think that the military wouldn't need to. But with all the misinformation that we get through the MSM, it is in their best interests to get their side of the story out - and the information they provide, while often self-congratulating, is invariably much more accurate than is seen in most other venues.


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