Thursday, December 28, 2006

Somalia: Ethiopians Blitz Their Way Across the Country Somalia: Ethiopians Blitz Their Way Across the Country

StrategyPage" Somalia: Ethiopians Blitz Their Way Across the Country. Somalia is potentially the next battleground in the war on Islamic Jihad. The article is interesting since it is in reverse chronological order. So, at the bottom, we see the Islamic Courts' gunmen advancing on the last Transitional Government strongholds. But by the top, the Islamic Courts fighters have been mostly killed or run off by the Ethiopians who had intervened in the middle of the article.

The Ethiopians got a bit of help from us:
The U.S. was apparently providing the Ethiopians with satellite and aircraft photos of Islamic Courts positions. The U.S. has a large counter-terror force to the north, in Djibouti. The U.S. may be supplying Ethiopia with cash (to pay for all the gas the Ethiopians are burning in their operations). For years, the U.S. has been training Ethiopian troops for operations like this.
I, for one, had been a bit concerned that this part of the Islamic world was going unwatched by us with all the resources we have put into Iraq and Afganistan. This is a lot cheaper than what we are having to do in those two countries.


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