Saturday, December 16, 2006

Problems No One Wants To Talk About Problems No One Wants To Talk About

Strategy Page: Iraq: And Then There Are the Problems No One Wants To Talk About:
The Shia and Kurds also have a secret weapon; hatred of the Sunni Arabs. The Shia and Kurds want revenge. What no one wants to admit out loud is that the Shia and Kurd population are very much in favor of doing a "Bosnia" or "Rwanda" to the Sunni Arabs of Iraq. The Iraqi government won't touch this one, because they know that it would cause their Sunni Arab neighbors to start talking openly of intervention. This is what the Iraqi Sunni Arab terrorists want. This is what all Sunni Arabs in the region want. That's because the Sunni Arabs do not want an Arab state controlled by Shia. For a thousand years, there has been a struggle in the Islamic community between the Shia and Sunni. For the last few centuries, the Sunnis have had the edge. But a radicalized Iran, long the only Moslem nation run by a Shia majority, has been leading a Shia revival for over two decades now. The Arabs fear Iran, not so much for religious reasons, but because Iran has been the big bully in the region for thousands of years. People in the Middle East like to respect tradition, but the legacy of Iranian military prowess and aggression is simply feared.

So the problem in Iraq is not just getting a competent government that will not destroy it's Sunni Arab minority, but also a government that will be accepted by its Sunni Arab neighbors. Never forget that, when it comes to Iraq, there are more problems present, than are talked about openly.


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