Tuesday, December 26, 2006

In Iraq, Let’s Fight One War at a Time In Iraq, Let’s Fight One War at a Time

NYT: In Iraq, Let’s Fight One War at a Time is surprising since it makes sense, given the paper's rapidly declining reputation.

What the article is essentially saying is that the key to success in Iraq is to qwell the Sunni Arab insurgency. The Sunni Arabs in Iraq brought this upon themselves by attempting to intimidate the Shiites and Kurds back into submission through ever increasing levels of brutality and murder aimed primarily at innocent civilians. This isn't going to work for them, absent a major intervention by Iraq's Sunni neighbors. The Shiites and the Kurds have the guns and training now to protect themselves, in addition to our backing.

So, Sadr's and Hakim's militias, when they aren't fighting each other, are doing what is necessary for peace in Iraq - pushing back against the Sunni Arabs. In order for there to be peace in Iraq, the Sunni Arabs there need to quit supporting the insurgency, and either make nice or move. Yes, the Shiite militias are doing our dirty work for us. That is not pretty, but it is likely to be effective.


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