Thursday, December 28, 2006

Totten: Hezbollah's Putsch Totten: Hezbollah's Putsch

Michael J. Totten in: Hezbollah's Putsch - Day One tells about going back to Beruit five months after Hizb'Allah's war with Israel. As usual, his take on things is interesting and informative. Far better than what we get with the reporting by the MSM.

Totten paints a picture of two Lebannons, one controlled by the democratically elected government and supported by the non-Shiites (primarily Christain, Druze, and Sunni), and one controlled by Hizb'Allah. Interestingly, flags are everywhere, and it is apparently fairly easy to see where you are by what flags are flying all around you: Lebananese flags for the government controlled sectors, and Hizb'Allah flags for the areas they control.


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