Thursday, December 28, 2006

CENTCOM: What Extremists are Saying CENTCOM: What Extremists are Saying

Interesting reading from CENTCOM: What Extremists are Saying. This is a collection of statements by various Middle East groups opposed to our mission there. Here is an example:
A Message from a Mujahid Urging the Mujahideen of Ansar al-Sunnah, Mujahideen Army, the Islamic Army in Iraq to Join the Islamic State of Iraq.

Addressed to the Mujahideen of three insurgency groups in Iraq: Ansar al-Sunnah, Mujahideen Army [Jeish al-Mujahideen], and the Islamic Army in Iraq, a message has been circulated amongst several jihadist forums since yesterday, Sunday, December 10, 2006. In this letter, the author, Abu al-Ezz al-Najdi, from Kurdistan, urges these groups to join with the Islamic State of Iraq to fulfill Allah’s instruction for victory to not be disbursed, and fight as one rank. The Ummah, he writes, has grown impatient with the lack of unity exhibited by the Mujahideen, and if these three groups do not make this declaration of joining with al-Qaeda in Iraq and the other component groups of the Mujahideen Shura Council under the Islamic State banner, then they will “cry tears of blood after no tears are available”.

Further encouraging the Mujahideen to embrace unity, the author extols such a declaration as more to the liking of the Muslim Nation than “killing one-hundred American infidels and downing one-thousand American airplanes, and better than destroying one-thousand Humvees”.
One thing interesting about CENTCOM articles is that they use: Hizballah, Shi'ite, and Al-Qa'ida, instead of the more commonly seen: Hezbollah, Shiite, and al Qaeda. Obviously the problem stems from the difficulty of translating Arabic into English. Nevertheless, the CENTCOM spellings seem to be more proper.


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