Sunday, October 01, 2006

Criminalizing Politics Criminalizing Politics

Fred Barns looks at the Criminalizing Politics where "The persecution of Karl Rove, Ken Tomlinson, and Scott Bloch continues a sorry Washington tradition". He points out that:
Over the years, a pattern has developed in the criminalization process. It has seven stages that lead, at best, to a sullied reputation, at worst, to jail time and financial ruin. Once the process gets started, it gains momentum. It's almost impossible to stop. That's especially true if a criminal investigation, rather than an inquiry into civil charges, has begun. Investigators, especially inspector generals in government agencies, are eager to find some wrongdoing. Otherwise, they may fail to satisfy those who asked for the investigation in the first place, often members of Congress.
The stages are:
  1. Commission of a conservative act (or, in the case of Rove, just being effective).

  2. The Accusation.

  3. The Investigation.

  4. Silence - typically mandated by the attorneys, which gives the opponents a clear field.

  5. Isolation - few defenders step forward, being concerned that they will be drawin in.

  6. Finding of fault - no matter how small, taken as vindication of the charges.

  7. The Taint - even if acquited, it remains.
Barns looks at each of these steps as it has affected those three men.


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