Friday, September 29, 2006

Look and Feel of blog (#7) Look and Feel of blog (#7)

Another little tweak - I have added an icon or thumbnail on my blog. It appears on the tab for the blog in Firefox/ Mozilla. And it was easy.

I was turned on to this by "Favicon for your Blogger blog" in I had stumbled into one of his blogs while trying to get Blogger to turn off posting Word Verification. And as a result, he sent me an email requesting that I vote on whether links opening new windows is good or bad (I think bad - but I use Mozilla and Firefox because I hate extra windows). And then I looked this his blogs to see what I could find that was interesting.

It is really quite easy to get an icon on the tab with your blog name. You just need to create an icon, upload it somewhere on the Internet, and add two lines of HTML in your blog header. And a lot of this is provided by MyFavatar. You upload a relatively square picture to their site, they then convert it to an icon, and then generate the HTML that you can insert.

The author has a lot of other little tricks, like swapping sides for text and sidebar. Indeed, it was in that post that I discovered that IE doesn't handle fixed column widths well when something in one of them exceeds the column width. The result in a blog is that IE pushes the sidebar down below all of the posts. This can apparently be solved by using percentages instead of fixed widths for columns.


1:30 PM Display: Full / Chopped / Footer

Display: Full / Chopped / None

Display: Full / Footer / None

Display: Chopped / Footer / None


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