Saturday, September 30, 2006


No, not the delivery servide with the brown trucks, but uninterruptible power supplies. I have two of them, and my server (#H) is hooked to the new one. The question is the older one, which is what this system (#D) is hooked to, as well as my router and modem. My hub is connected to the non-UPS side of that, as well as the monitor. My goal is that the overall system stays up if I have power hits while I am gone. Nothing more frustration to go away for a week, and find the server has crashed half way through the week, and no one is there to reboot it.

So, about 10 minutes ago, I was using this system, and all of a sudden, it went dead. I think I remember a flicker or something, indicating that other things were affected too. But I am not quite sure, which is why I don't know if my problem is the older UPS system or this computer. The one piece of equipment that would usually give it away, my old high speed laser printer, was somehow turned off last night. Usually, you can hear it powering back up. All of the rest of my printers, etc. are "Green" enough that they don't make a noticable sound when powering back up.

Actually, the more I think about it, the more likely I think it is that it was either the UPS dropping out or the computer doing so, most likely through a power supply failing. If it had actually been a power spike, the alarm in the new UPS would have gone off, and the power conditioner would have made some loud clicking noises. I am suspecting the computer's power supply right now - so I won't go out and buy another UPS yet (though they are fairly cheap at Sam's Club).

I used to use the power conditioner for my computer systems back when UPS systems were too expensive. It equilizes the voltage across little ups and downs in the supply. Now, I primarily use it for my printers, as they don't have to ride out power spikes. If they crash, then fine. They all reboot just fine when they get power back.


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