Saturday, September 30, 2006

Flaky Blogger photoblogging Flaky Blogger photoblogging

I was recently updating my Recursive Photos post, and was bouncing between "Edit HTML", "Compose" and "Preview" editing modes. And, all of a sudden, the photos disappeared. Since I had had this happen to me before, I knew exactly where to look - Blogger had slapped "http://not-a-real-namespace/" in front of each of the URLs for the photos. Removing that, very quickly solved the problem. But then, a couple of minutes later, it did it again.

My suspiciion is that at some transition between modes, I temporarily lose communications with Blogger, and so it couldn't upload the images for display. In both situations, I think I was switching from "Preview" to "Compose" mode, and if my surmise is right, that makes sense. Going the other way is less likely to result in Blogger revising the code, and the "Edit HTML" mode doesn't display images (Duh).


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