Friday, September 08, 2006

Liberals fly their colors Liberals fly their colors

Mike Rosen in a RMN column: "Liberals fly their colors" lays into liberal educrats in Colorado for intentionally violating CO state law as to flying of other flags than ours. This is symptomatic of their arrogance and distain for the society that allows them the freedom to get into trouble like this. This time, a North HS teacher was displaying the Mexican and American flags to make his pupils feel comfortable. Hey, this isn't Mexico, and all those Hispanics are here, not there, for a reason.

Mike then mentions Jay Bennish who got himself in trouble for teaching liberal orthodoxy instead of 7th grade geometry at Overland MS in JeffCo. Mike points out that when he was in 7th grade, by the end of the year, he could identify all the countries in the world on a map. Well, I can attest that private schools in that area still teach that - with a lot more countries now than when Mike and I were in 7th grade. One more reason that my kid isn't in the JeffCo school system. Five of us boys went through K-12 in that system, and it was just fine - 25-50 years ago. Not anymore.

Finally, while Rosen writes well, and I have been reading his columns for decades, from when he was at the RMN's arch-rival, the Denver Post, I think he speaks even better. I find him one of the most articate, incisive, talk show hosts on the air, and we are lucky to have him on the local 50,000 watt KOA here (pushing Rush to time delay). The closest analogy would be Michael Medved, though Rosen is not as nice, as he happily shredding callers' liberal orthodoxy with his finely honed debating and analytical skills.


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