Thursday, September 07, 2006

LA: Four Million Children Left Behind LA: Four Million Children Left Behind

WSJ: Four Million Children Left Behind: Forced to attend failing schools in Los Angeles points out that the LAUSD is blatently violating the No Child Left Behind Act by allowing only a fraction of the students from its failing schools change schools.

Which brings up an interesting point. Here in Colorado, we get a lot of immigration from California. But this points out that this is a two way street. The LAUSD is run by none other than "Roaming Roy", our fomer governor.

I will admit some distant ties to former governor Romer. His wife's father was the head minister of the church where I was baptised, and Roy and Bea were occasional members of a young married group in that church in the early 1950s that my parents belonged to. Many of the Democrats in that group stayed close to the Romers as Roy entered politics, whereas the Republicans, like my parents, did not.


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