Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Fall is coming Fall is coming

When I first went to make this post, about 8:30 a.m., it was 40 degrees outside in Dillon with no clouds visible. It is now up to a balmy 43. It should be remembered that snow making requires freezing temperatures over night, so the ski areas can be expected to start it up by the end of the month, if this continues.

Also, I ran into a KSP (Keystone Ski Patrol) supervisor last night at City Market (Kroger's) trying to get the U-Scan to work. At the time, I was BSing with the U-Scan clerk about why she didn't ski any more, and the stupid things I still do on the slopes. I should add that my kid and I are so adept at U-Scan by now, that it is far faster than going through line, plus you don't have sign the credit card receipt. This KSP supervisor was having a tough time - which is probably why I am a programmer and patent atty. and he is a ski patrolman - different aptitudes.

In any case, he didn't recognize me, but I did him. Three or so years ago, two of us had chased a boarder through the terrain park, and told him not to board the lift w/o showing us his pass (which by then, we were going to pull for a week or two). He jumped on the lift anyway, and I called for a KSP supervisor. The guy from last night showed, with another, talked to the guy we had been chasing, and then let him go. The supervisor then talked to me/us, and found out the real story. By now, the boarder was long gone. Nevertheless, it had a beneficial result - henceforth, KSP was directed to ask us what happened first, then we would step back and the guests would have their say. And 90% of the time, KSP backed us up.

Finally, a friend is bringing four pair of skiis over from Vail in a couple of hours to see if I want to buy a pair or two of them.

In other words, Labor Day is past, we are into the fall, and ski season is just a couple of months away.

Update: By noon, it was up to 75 degrees. Still no clouds though.


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