Friday, September 01, 2006

Lieberman's Right About Another War: Vouchers Lieberman's Right About Another War: Vouchers

The Hartford CourantLieberman's Right About Another War: Vouchers points out that Lieberman also upset the Democratic powers that be by being an early supporter of vouchers. He pulled back when he ran with Gore in 2000, but this may resurface if reelected, despite the best efforts of the Democratic Party.
The domestic war in which Joe Lieberman finds himself embroiled involves "school choice," vouchers - a ticket out of town for the tens of thousands of largely minority kids stuck in hideous urban schools from which they can't escape.

It is the civil rights debate of the new century - a war for the hearts and minds of Americans who have become numb to the horrible sin that has been inflicted on minority populations, by dooming the next generation to mediocre or worse educational opportunities in school systems that have little incentive to improve.


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