Thursday, August 31, 2006

WSJ: Presumptive Democratic House Chairmen WSJ: Presumptive Democratic House Chairmen

WSJ: Back to the Congressional Future: Let's think about how the Democrats would govern lists the presumptive committee chairs should the Democrats retake the House. For example:
  • John Conyers: Judiciary. His primary goal would be to impeach the President. His recently released report accuses the Administration of violating no fewer than 26 laws and regulations.

  • David Obey: Appropriations - Faulted Clinton for a balanced budget.

  • Charlie Rangel: Ways and Means - avid protectionist and recently voted against free trade with Oman.

  • John Dingell: Energy and Commerce - Bailouts for the automakers and more restrictions on the Internet.

  • George Miller: Education and Labor - proposed a law to ban secret union ballots.

  • Henry Waxman: Government Reform.

  • Alcee Hastings: Intelligence Committee - impeached as federal judge for taking bribes.
I sometimes think that the Republicans should just sit back and let the Democrats retake the House. This pack of jokers is almost guaranteed to give the Republicans another decade in control of that House.


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