Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Plamegate's ridiculous conclusion Plamegate's ridiculous conclusion

Slate Magazine article by Christopher Hitchens: Plamegate's ridiculous conclusion points out the absurdity of the Plame scandal. Her identity was first disclosed by Secretary of State Powell's deputy, Richard Armitage, one of the most outspoken critics within the Administration of the invasion of Iraq. And, very quickly this was known to both his boss and the CIA director, Tenet. Long before Tenet made the referral to the DoJ that ultimately resulted in the appointment of a special prosecutor. So, in the end, we have the State Dept. and the CIA playing games, trying to discredit the neoconservatives in the Administration, and shift the blame, esp. in the case of the CIA, away from its screwups on 9/11. Bobs Novak and Woodward knew this all along, being tight with Armitage, and, indeed, getting their initial leaks from him.


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