Thursday, September 07, 2006

Gore Can Only Watch As Edwards Stakes ’08 Claim Gore Can Only Watch As Edwards Stakes ’08 Claim

New York Observer article: Gore Can Only Watch As Edwards Stakes ’08 Claim points out that Gore almost assuredly still wants to be president, he just can't afford to look like it. But John Edwards is running to Hillary's left right now fairly well, and there is only room for one there.

Personally, I would love to see Edwards with the nomination. He made his millions exploiting impressionable juries to get verdicts against OB/Gyns for what turned out to be a fake science. The result is that, thanks to attorneys like Edwards, the cost of having babies is up, and the availability of doctors delivering them is down. If he is nominated, we can have a real debate about tort reform.

Now his big new idea that he wants to sell is revising the War on Poverty? How? Who knows or cares. Most likely more counter-productive government programs that are likely in the end to result in more poverty, not less, at the price of other unanticipated externalities, i.e. increased illegitimacy and fatherless households. Oh, and I am sure, being a good Democrat, he would increase taxes to pay for it. Not on himself and his friends of course, who are already rich, but on the middle class.

But I have no doubt that if he does get the nomination, we are going to hear a lot about how he was able to channel a dead baby for a jury to make himself a nice multimillion dollar contingency fee (based on, of course, junk science). In other words, he won't be able to duck a debate on tort reform, and that is likely to cost him the election.


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