Wednesday, August 16, 2006

NYT: New Lieberman Retooling Race as Independent NYT: New Lieberman Retooling Race as Independent

NYT article titled: New Lieberman Retooling Race as Independent should scare a lot of Democrats right now. No wonder they are trying to scare him off (see my previous blog entry). In a state where independants and Republicans make up a bulk of the electorate (though Republicans are outnumbered by Democrats), Sen. Lieberman is positioning himself right in the middle, taking on the Republicans on some issues, and the Democrats on others.

I find it quite amusing - Hillary apparently admitted that Lieberman has better than a 50/50 chance of willing. Other Democratic pols are saying similar things. This is a rash admission - indicating that his chances of winning are, right now, well above 50%. This is confirmed by the polls that show him with a decent lead over Ned Lamont, the Democratic nominee.


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