Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Fauxtography: The Media Scandal Continues Fauxtography: The Media Scandal Continues

Michelle Malking in her column at titled: Fauxtography: The Media Scandal Continues adds more detai to the Lebanon fauxtography scandal, including citing CNN's Anderson Cooper who admitted that:
"I was in Beirut, and they took me on this sort of guided tour of the Hezbollah-controlled territories in southern Lebanon that were heavily bombed . . . they clearly want the story of civilian casualties out. That is their -- what they're heavily pushing, to the point where on this tour I was on, they were just making stuff up. They had six ambulances lined up in a row and said, OK, you know, they brought reporters there, they said you can talk to the ambulance drivers. And then one by one, they told the ambulances to turn on their sirens and to zoom off, and people taking that picture would be reporting, I guess, the idea that these ambulances were zooming off to treat civilian casualties, when in fact, these ambulances were literally going back and forth down the street just for people to take pictures of them."
Charles Johnson at Little Green Footballs continues to document the continuing revelations about fauxtography. In particular, Green Helmet Guy is finally identified as Salam Daher. He was apparently the choreographer of many of the staged photos - but gave the game away by starring himself too often for coincidence, and, thus, alerting those questioning the photography coming out of the war.


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