Saturday, June 16, 2007

Vista #4 Vista #4

I mentioned in a previous post that Vista can find other computers in the local network significantly faster than can previous versions of Windows. Well, now I need to qualify that - if Vista finds another computer, it does so faster than do the older versions of Windows. But currently, I have a situation where an XP computer (E) is routed through a Server 2003 system (H). The new Vista computer (I) cannot find the XP system (E) and there is no way to look for it in Vista.

I should note that the problem is likely due to Microsoft intentionally maiming its home editions. I am running XP Home Edition on my laptop (E), which is why I can't just hook it up to the Ethernet hub like everything else. No, I have to hook it directly to my server (H) via a cross-over cable, and then bridging it in the server (H) to the hub and modem. But I can't search for computers on my network with my other "Home" edition, this time, Vista (I). The brand new fancy Vista search engine didn't bother to include the ability to search the local network for specific computers. I am sure things work find in the professional version of Vista - for a $150 upgrade.

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