Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Google Complains About Microsoft's Vista Google Complains About Microsoft's Vista

Google Complains About Microsoft's Vista points out a different problem than the one I expected after bringing up a Vista computer last night. I was struck by the fact that IE has a similar search window to Firefox, but that it defaults to Yahoo. This was again one of those places where MSFT seemed to be using its strength here to push out Google. I was ultimately able to set up Google as my default search engine on the Internet, but not without some pain.

But apparently MSFT is going a bit further in trying to thwart Google. It appears that MSFT is crippling the operation of Google Desktop, while embedding its own competing product in Vista.

I should note that this is just another place where I think Vista went in the wrong direction. Searching for the sort of stuff that I typically search for (i.e. files on my computer) has just gotten notably harder. Vista generalized the search interface, with the result that the types of searches that I do are significantly more cumbersome.

Maybe the difference is that I pretty much know where I store stuff. I tend to look for something very specific, such as a file with a certain extension created w/i the last week.

I did find it interesting that CA AG Jerry Brown is looking into Vista. This is governor moonbeam of a previous era, and then mayor of Oakland. I actually agree with him for once on something.

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