Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Vista #2 Vista #2

I am still underwhelmed with Windows Vista, esp. as I find more and more places where Vista Home Premium has been intentionally crippled to entice us to upgrade.
  • I downloaded some free software from the HP web site to my desktop. Well, I thought that it was to my desktop, but it didn't show up there. But I was able to see it if I opened the desktop as a folder. I refreshed the desktop. Not dice. What was going on? Apparently, the install file is downloaded with a "do not index" attribute set, and because of that, it wasn't showing on the desktop.
  • Vista comes with folder menu bar disabled. It took two days to figure out how to turn it back on. I still can't set up a folder icon bar.
  • Folder shortcuts have mostly disappeared. These are like regular shortcuts, except that when you put them in the start menu, you can traverse them as pull-down menus. This can be quite convenient.

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