Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Is Giuliani the GOP's Obama? Is Giuliani the GOP's Obama?

Howard Fineman: Is Giuliani the GOP's Obama? Both parties have similar kinds of candidates. Meet the Charismatic, the Practicals, and the Base-Wooers. Obama and Giuliani are the charismatics, McCain and Clinton are the Practicals, and Edwards and Romney are the Base-Wooers (And everyone else are the also-rans). The problem for the Base-Wooers is that they can possibly win their nominations, but have little chance at winning the general election. The reverse is true for McCain. Luckily for Hillary Clinton, she is still the Democratic frontrunner, and has the best shot at the presidency of all these simply because she is a Practical who has a shot at the nomination. McCain doesn't because he has alienated so much of the Republican base over time.

What is likely to be quite interesting is that we are likely to get a Charismatic running against a Practical, most likely Rudy against Hillary, and we should keep the two styles in mind when viewing the race.


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