Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Early morning at Vail Early morning at Vail

Early this morning at Two Elk lodge at Vail:
Two Elk of course is the multimillion dollar lodge that the eco-terrorists burned down a couple of years ago. I seem to remember some people being finally arrested for it this fall.

I am somewhat ambivalent about it, as we used to hike through here once a year with my mother's hiking group. A short, steep hike up a couple thousand feet from the old U.S. 6 east of Vail, lunch where this lodge now is, and a 5-7 mile hike down the valley past the bottom of Vail's bowls to Minturn. My father got some glorious pictures of the wildflowers there - we have a couple of them framed hanging around the condo and his house.

In any case, I picked this picture this morning because of the sun coming up over the mountains. Looks to be another Beautiful, Boring Day in Paradise.


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