Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Lieberman: The Lorax Lieberman: The Lorax

The New Yorker : The Lorax: How Joe Lieberman sees himself looks at the biggest maverick right now in Congress, Independant (but caucusing Democrat) Joe Lieberman, and how he is upsetting a lot of the Democrats, and even some Republicans, with his steadfast support of the President and his initiative in Iraq. As if he really cares - only 5 Democratic Senators supported him in his reelection, and, thus, he owes them nothing. Rather, if switching to caucus with the Republicans would give them an effective majority.

I saw Sen. Lieberman on C-Span a day or two ago, and was impressed with his impassioned speech for the war and against cloture. One of the best oratoric moments in recent Congressional memory.


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